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The owner of this site is Nicolae Lucian from Romania,he is here for us and he is aveliable 24 h a day and he is always available for our questions.He still does  not have as other owners working time.If you have any questions you can ask me or you can contact site owner Nicolae Lucian.I will teach you that step by step.


How to register?

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How to log in?

In the first  field write your name, and in the second your password, and then confirm .


How to do tasks?

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Where can you see referrals and where is your referral link?

Click on referrals. By clicking on direct field you will see your direct referrals.


In tools field is your referral link. Copy that link and share it among your friends and business associates.

How to add money?

How to get upgrade?

Our Upgrades are Super-Affordable and they can boost your income to Unlimited.

Login and click the upgrade menu for more details about memberships benefits .


Where are the banners?

Follow the steps on the photo .



Also, you can download them and with your link, you can advertise your site.










You can transfer Qoinad points to bitcoin and send them to your main or traffic balance. Look at the photo, and do the same.


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